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Fotoillustrierte #7, March/April 2005
In the late 1960s, the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann produced a series of small books titled Bild (Picture) or Bilder (Pictures). Each book contained a number of black-and-white photographs of a particular subject - 14 mountains, 12 views of aircraft in the sky, 11 sets of women's knees, six pictures of football players - and was titled accordingly. Each had "Feldmann" printed on the front cover in capitals, and though the women's knees were credited to photographer Wolfgang Breurs, there was little else to identify the meaning of the pictures or the "author" of the books. In 1971 a portfolio of 10 books was published by the Galerie Paul Maenz in Cologne. [Retirado de]
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Pin-up girls, weight-lifting studies, newspaper clippings, baby pictures... Hans-Peter Feldmann tells stories with pictures. Accordingly, apart from the title page, this photo album contains no text. Even the frontispiece is a photograph of boxes from Feldmann's picture archive--amassed over many years and comprising images from magazines, advertising supplements, photography books, postcards and collectibles. Travel photos, family snapshots and pictures of friends play their part as well. In recent years, Feldmann has become increasingly noted for his commentary on the way we archive photos, sending up the everyday from a very personal perspective. He seeks out the trivial incidents, the unnoticed moments, and keeps them close at hand. According to Feldmann, "Works of art should not be expensive, nor unique, but cheap and fast to produce. A painting immediately acquires a sort of importance, whereas a photo is much more arbitrary, as it's a lot easier to throw away." [texto em inglês retirado de:]
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Rare copy of the sought-after second volume of Feldmann's protean work of latter day photo-conceptualism Voyeur, which has gone on to be issued in five further editions, with each issue altering the format and presentation of the source material. Taking the form of an affordable mass market paperback, Voyeur is a compact representation of society as image spectacle. A sprawling taxonomy of vernacular photography, images from every possible genre --crime, fashion, sports, advertising, glamour magazines and on and on, are presented scrapbook style in miniaturised black and white half-tone reproductions. Unpaginated. "Voyeur trawls the image wreckage of our consumer-driven culture, making eccentric or sinister juxtapositions (shots of nude women next to aircraft crashes) and cataloging the blandness of media bombardment to render its toxic assault visible to us, its near-helpless voyeurs." (from the publisher of the 2009 reprint) [informação retirada de:]
Portfólio de 187 placas brancas dentro de caixa de cartão cinzento com fita contendo 360 fotografias a preto e branco impressas em fotocópia. Vol. I, 95 páginas soltas; Vol. II, 96 páginas soltas
Livro com recortes colados, com descrição de utensilios diversos
Exposição no Neues Museum Weserburg, de 5 de Setembro a 7 de Novembro de 1999
Obra publicada por ocasião da exposição "Hans-Peter Feldmann", patente no Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, de 21 outubro 1992 a 17 janeiro 1993