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Starting at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, on the Devon coast, and finishing on the edge of the North Sea in East Anglia, Richard Long has created a work of art out of an eleven-day walk across England. Recorded here in a series of lyrical photographs and short texts, his journey avoided large towns and urban areas, and concentrated on the landscape we think of as quintessentially English - summer cornfields, country pubs and churches, lanes running between hedgerows and little villages. Long is an artist who has helped to redefine the boundaries of art practice, making much of his art as he moves through the different land surfaces which cover the planet, or bringing the environment into the gallery itself, in the form of stone, wood, clay or water. Long brings to Land Art a poetic quality that asks us to re-examine our links with the world around us and look again at surroundings that we may feel that we know well. [Em inglês. Informação retirada de]
Catálogo da exposição do artista na Städtische Galerie im Städelschen Kunstinstitut Frankfurt am Main, realizada entre 21 de Fevereiro e 12 de Maio de 1991.
Catálogo da exposição do artista no ARC - Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, realizada entre 25 de Março e 29 de Maio de 1993
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Land artist Richard Long records and documents a series of works completed across the Americas and Europes. Black and white and color images, accompanied by diagrams and maps, work poetically with the text to describe works enacted across and on the ground pictured (texto em inglês retirado de:
Fólio com cinco pequenos textos poéticos do artista sobre o seu trabalho.
Contém biografia, bibliografia e cronologia. Exposição realizada em Braga, Galeria Mário Sequeira, 1999
Contém biografia e cronologia
The moor landscape of Dartmoor, a national park in the south England, occupies the photographs presented in tripartite, which can be flipped through to create different landscape combinations. Sparsely scattered sheep populate the rolling hills under cloudy and misty skies. Prehistoric archaeological sites also dot the vistas with granite stone burial cairns and foundations of Bronze Age houses. These relics call to mind Long's own works with circles and piles of balanced rocks, integrating the antiquated arrangements into the artists personal aesthetic. [Em inglês. Informação retirada de:]
In February 2003 Richard Long passed some time in the state of Maharashtra. He visited a number of villages and met Jivya Soma Mashe and the people of the Warli tribe. While he was there he created various works documented by a series of photographs on display in the exhibition. The two artists, highly appreciated in their respective cultures, were, however, unable to communicate with words, because Mashe only speaks the Warli language so they communicated above all through their art. The artistic dialogue established between the works created in India by Richard Long, who used natural materials such as rice, ashes, water, or designed archetypical forms with earth, and the narrative paintings by Mashe performed with cow dung and acrylics continues in the exhibition mounted in the rooms of the PAC. Despite their differences, the works of the two artists reveal an affinity between their formal languages. For example circles and spirals occur constantly in both Mashe`s paintings and in Long`s installations. Mashe and Long also have in common an extreme sense or respect and sensitivity towards the earth, landscapes and nature. And there is another element that these two artists belonging to such different cultures share: they use the medium of art to throw a bridge between time and space, between past and present (texto em inglês retirado de:]
Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf - settembre/novembre 2003; PAC, Padiglione dArte Contemporanea, Milano - marzo/giugno 2004
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição patente em Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, de 7.12.73-27.1.74
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Fólio com cinco pequenos textos poéticos do artista sobre o seu trabalho.
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição, em Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, de Julho a Agosto de 1974
Catálogo da exposição do artista na National Gallery of Canada, realizada entre 21 de Outubro de 1982 e 9 de Janeiro de 1983.
Catálogo da exposição do artista no Kunstverein Hannover, realizada entre 17 de Janeiro e 14 de Março de 1999
Contém bibliografia e índice
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição patente em Musée Rath Genève, Suissa, de 7 Maio a 21 Junho 1987
Catálogo da exposição do artista na Hayward Gallery, Londres realizada entre 14 de Junho e 11 de Agosto de 1991.
Catálogo da exposição do artista na Ar/ge Kunst (Itália) realizada entre 11 de Outubro e 30 de Novembro de 1996
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição no Crawford Arts Center, realizada entre 21 Março a 20 Abril de 1997.