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Bruno Munari has always considered books as the preferential means to communicate thoughts, a sort of work of art in itself that could show ideas and convey creativity. As book that deals with Munaris books, this volume aims to put in order his contributions and relationships with the publishing industry, from the very first experiences as an illustrator to the cooperation with the big national publishing firms.Much more than a mere catalogue or bibliography, this book presents the chronological sequence of Munaris publishing activity side by side with his contemporary works in the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography and didactics, crossing the different poetics and following his original inventiveness. [Em inglês. Informação retirada de]
Includes an anthology of critical texts and an essential bibliography about the american artists editorial work
Divided into four sections, respectively, books, scores, records and scattered documents, "Sound Pages. John Cage's Publications", (the book that accompanies the exhibition of the same name at the Museo Internazionale della Musica in Bologna) systematises an important part of the work of John Cage, addressing the various productions of which the American composer was an author, often overturning the traditional component parts and structures. Cage raised the question of making sound something perceptible to the eye: texts, books and music scores, then, become fully visual entities in which the artist tries to juxtapose syntactical links to a new location of characters on the surface of the sheet according to purely visual rules and criteria . Edited by Giorgio Maffei and Fabio Carboni, Sound Pages is a publishing project that shows how the complexity of John Cages thought, but also its disarming simplicity, added "beauty" to the printed page to prevent sound space from dissipating at the moment the sound is interrupted and fixing in time its translation into visual space
Alighiero Boettis books tell of an observer heedless of his own era. One who talks to us of his obsessions and his desire to go beyond the surface and the way in which things appear, to reach a deeper level of being and a new, concise and intimate awareness of emotional reality. In his artists books, Boetti manages to abstract reality, probing the unprobable and grasping the ungraspable definition of what surrounds us. In Alighiero & Boetti. Beyond books, Giorgio Maffei and Maura Picciau investigate the evolution of a genre. The dawn of a new concept in books, where reading and looking become part of the same aesthetic experience (
Publicado por ocasião da exposição comissariada por Giuseppe Casetti e Giorgio Maffei, patente em Museo del Louvre di Roma, de 24 abril a 18 maio 2013