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Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição patente de 8 Fevereiro a 25 Maio 2008
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição patente em Daimler Contemporary, Berlin de 29 Outubro 2010 a 27 Março 2011
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição que decorreu de 1 Julho a 23 Setembro 2001
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição patente em Kunsthaus Glarus, de 9 setembro a 19 novembro 2000; em Stadtgalerie Kiel, de 1 dezembro 2000 a 4 fevereiro 2001 e em Villa Merkel Esslingen, de 18 fevereiro a 25 março 2001
This publication features highlights from the Daimler Art Collection, ranging from classic modern pieces and the abstract avant-garde, to international contemporary art. The accent is on the ways that the works are engaged in referential dialogue and discourse among themselves. The history of art is not examined in terms of innovation and progress, but rather it is presented as the association of images involved in temporary, argumentative contexts. The Daimler Art Collection, established in 1977, is one of the most important, internationally renowned corporate collections in Europe. It is comprised of around 1,800 works of art, with a focus on twentieth-century abstract art. This third volume on the Daimler Art Collection presents paintings, prints, and objects, documenting the exhibitions in Berlin, Vienna, and Buenos Aires in 2009 and 2010 (
In the exploration of abstraction and the Zero avant-garde, of constructive and concrete tendencies, an independent strand of minimalism developed in Germany in the sixties. This publication is devoted to reductionist works by German artists who produced large sculptures, series of visual objects, and action-oriented work concepts, representing a specifically German aspect of Minimal Art as an international phenomenon of the sixties. Essays on minimalist tendencies in Germany in the areas of art, architecture, literature, film, and design of this period expand the context. The catalogue features around one hundred works, most of them part of the Daimler Art Collection, by about forty artists, including artistic stances as diverse as those of Hartmut Böhm, Imi Giese, Hanne Darboven, Hermann Glöckner, Heinz Mack, Peter Roehr, Charlotte Posenenske, Ulrich Rückriem, and Franz Erhard Walther (
Catálogo editado por ocasião da exposição "Adolf Fleischmann : Retrospektive" comissariada por Renate Wiehager, patente em Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, de 29 abril a 6 novembro 2016